Videos to Relieve Work Stress

If you're one of the lucky employees allowed to view work stress videos at work, well, first get grateful for a minute. Many companies still block this access. Following are some real gems like:

"Adam Ruins Work,"
"How To Stop Negative Thinking,"
and "How to Receive Feedback..."

These work stress videos will DEFINITELY shift your thinking from "this shouldn't be happening" to "I can handle this..." Lower your work stress RIGHT NOW, by watching these extremely insightful video segments.

Video from Ted Talks: 8 Lessons to Building a Company People Want to Work For... Really short (esp. for a Ted Talk!) and wonderfully in your face with regard to what we've done to grown-up workers over the years in our workplaces.

From the series "Adam Ruins Everything" is a segment called "Adam Ruins Work." This video validates everything you knew from your own personal experience about work and the propoganda CEOs and business owners have been shoveling down employees' throats to keep them working arachic hours, for less pay and more. A MUST SEE to validate your feelings of fatigue, resentment, work stress and more. And sometimes just having this confirmed can make you feel like you aren't the exception, but the rule!

How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All. This is A Must See!!

How to RECEIVE Feedback Effectively!

While the title has a spiritual leaning, it is really a video that illustrates the concept of Change the Thought, the Action Will Follow Easily.

This video is foundational to understanding why we are miserable. It speaks about vulnerability and our discomfort with shame...which boils down to our fear that others will reject us.

This WELL WORTH the five minutes. A powerful video on living extraordinarily.

TED Talk on Being Happier At Work

Learn more about Magnesium Deficiency and how it is likely impacting your stress management efforts.

Are you an Achievement Junkie or Doing Addict?

Byron Katie discussing the stressful thought, "I don't have enough money...I need to be stressed to be motivated."

This video is equal parts cute, funny and INSIGHTFUL. Created on Xtranormal (turn text into movies!) by Karla McLaren. You can find her on Facebook. It's titled "Positive Emotions."

The "Tea Cups" are my signature way of explaining boundaries in relationships and how to know when we are inappropriately in someone else's business. I use this metaphor as a way to illustrate what causes difficult situations involving our key relationships.

My apologies for the speed of this one...I was still learning how to do these back then. It's still helpful info though, so just relax into it and let it help.

My first video. The "Nature of Reality" is a 3 minute overview of how to stop resisting what is...the main cause of stress. Not award-winning quality, but helpful info I think.

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