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Select from over 50 articles on handling work stress. Featured articles include:

'Dealing with Difficult People at Work'
'Honesty is NOT the Best Policy'
'Whose Tea Cup Is This, Anyway?'
'Willpower Sucks (and Other Truths About Stress Management)'


Magnesium: The Relaxation Mineral

Emotional Intelligence: Test Your EQ and Learn How to Raise It Here...

Breath Work
Shadow Work
The Anger Blog
Work Stress Worksheets
Choose from a wide range of worksheets provided here to understand and eliminate your stressful thinking.

The Four Human Needs are KEY to Daily Stress-Free Living:

Daily Message. DISCONTINUED, but archives are available. Stephanie shares a daily, fresh idea, link or motivator to start your day off right. Just visit the page daily!

Work Stress Quotes and Quotations
Quotes on stress in our lives (and how to reframe it) from Shakespeare, Tolle, Gandhi and many more great minds.

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Co-Worker Stress
Communicating with Difficult Co-Workers.
*Listening Skills
*Body Language
*Tone of Voice
*Word Choice
*Conflict in the Workplace

How to Relieve Work Stress.
Every stressful thought comes from this one place. Learn what it is and how to get rid of it.

The Johari Window.
A visual model for integrating the four parts of Self (includes link to free assessment).

Stress Tests (Personality and Emotional Intelligence Testing)
Take these FREE psychological instruments/tests and learn more about yourself (and the people you spend time with). Includes emotional intelligence testing and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The Work of Byron Katie. The most important tool for ending stressful thoughts. Period. If you visit just one page on this site, this is the one.

Books and CDs
Classics such as "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" to the latest in behavioral and thought-science like "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. Curl up with one of these and never think the same (stressful) way again!


Binaural Beat Technology
The Science of Meditation. This is the Westerners' answer to "I can't meditate!" Just put the headphones on and you are meditating (at least that's what your brain records!).

Listen at Work (Free Audio Programs)

Videos for Stress Relief

Free download of "101 Ways to Love Your Job
Take a look at 18 of my "101 Ways to Love Your Job"---completely free (just need PDF Reader to view).

De-Stress Blog
Lots of unusual and on-the-cutting-edge advice on why we get stressed and how to stop it for good. Other blogs I enjoy are also recommended with links. LOTS of reading for you here...

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
The Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes called Thought Field Therapy) is psychological acupuncture. It's used for phobias, depression, physical pain, fear, panic, negativity, stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, social anxiety and even bereavement.

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"When Being Right is Wrong"
When 95% of all conflict comes from our "irresistible need to be right", this is a habit worth breaking. Begin the 30-Day Challenge here.

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