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New!  Sleep is NOT Suspicious Activity!
Sleep is not about depression or being lazy...and you CAN make up for sleep deficits later. Read more to debunk those old sleep myths and watch your work stress evaporate. 

 A Conversation with an INFP
Stephanie provides a full interpretative reading of one of her client's MBTI type.

The Morning Pages
                                                                                      Pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. Your life will be completely changed within six weeks.

You Are Not Lazy. Motivation and interest cannot be forced...but they can be faked. Learn more about motivation, which is one of the five elements to emotional intelligence.

Are You a Victim or a Bully? You may be surprised at the answer.  When does victimization end and bullying begin?

Anger and Stress. Anger is perhaps the one and only reason you are on this site, seeking answers to your work stress. Anger is so damaging and so hard to contain that when it occurs it can feel like an entity or a current from out of nowhere. After it subsides, we often are left scratching our heads asking ourselves, "What was THAT about?"

Rudeness: What if it's just an attempt at STRENGTH? This article suggests that rudeness is actually an attempt at strength, but....

You Are So Selfish...Or Are You? What if the only selfish person in the room is the one calling you selfish?

Don't Believe Everything You Think! I have meditated, done affirmations, insisted on thinking positively all day long, I journal and have been to therapy. And none of it has changed one thing.

The Four Human Needs are KEY to Daily Stress-Free Living:

Co-Worker Stress. The #1 reason we think, "This shouldn't be happening..." Find new and improved ways for handling this very common stressor.

50 Ways to Stop Stress Now. This article's advice is framed in such a way that it becomes possible to move out of inertia and into self-care.

Don't Be Right. The 30-Day Challenge that shows us how to stop what Dr. Robert Bolton calls "our irresistible need to be right." This need is the cause of 95% of all conflict.

How to End Stress Permanently.  Will this article really about to give you the final answer to "How to Relieve Stress?"  I don't know how many websites you've visited or books you've read on stress relief. But I do know that everything you've read said something like, "Get plenty of sleep. Eat right. Do yoga." Well, if that were possible, you wouldn't be here...

Conflict in the Workplace. How to handle this common work-stressor. Emotional intelligence is never more necessary then when we are interacting with difficult coworkers or bosses.

Boundaries: Whose Tea Cup Is This, Anyway?
Can you find the key to happiness in a tea cup? I think you can. Work stress is usually not being in your own business, or "tea cup." Read on for more information in this article on boundaries.... Tea Cup Article

Repeat After Me: I Accept Reality
This work stress article discusses how your own resistance to what is, actually creates every stressful experience you have (and what to do about it).

You Are What You Think?
Why you feel lousy most of the time.  The western world doesn't teach us how to get control of our thoughts.  And controlling our thoughts is at the very root of emotional intelligence...

How to Get Rid of a Stressful Emotion
Viewed over 50,000 times on eHow, this article will tell you that what you resist, persists. Learn how to lean into a negative emotion in six easy steps...

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life"
Excerpt from Dr. Daniel Amen's book with suggestions for changing your thoughts (and thus, changing your brain chemistry).

The Johari Window
The Johari Window is a useful tool for understanding and integrating misunderstood or unknown parts of ourselves. The Four Panes of the Johari Window represent the four parts of Self.

How to Be in the Now
Many psychological and spiritual experts tell us the body can be a huge distraction to finding peace and that it is best to ignore the body. I find it is the IDEAL TOOL for staying in the present moment and therefore reaching a peaceful state quickly and easily. Read on for how to be "in the now" by focusing on the body.

Dealing with Difficult People at Work
Let's face it---the biggest stressor at work is the people! If you want to lower your stress and improve your relationships at work---then let's get started with this work stress article first. 'How to Deal with Difficult People at Work'

Honesty is NOT the Best Policy
If you want to lower your stress and improve your relationships at work---then I don't recommend honesty. Read on for what I could possibly mean in making such a strange statement... 'Honesty Article'

Willpower Sucks (and Other Truths About Stress Management)
Well, the title got your attention I bet. Maybe because you know it’s true: willpower does suck. Nothing durable is created by willpower.

I used to respond eagerly when a book or a seminar speaker insisted I use my willpower to change something in my life. I jumped right in... read more.

The Creation (and Destruction) of Your Stressful Story
While many books, CDs, and talk shows often help people realize they have legitimate issues that need attention, many people are not shown the steps needed to move from issue-identification to issue-integration. This work stress article was written to provide those instructions for moving to the next step. Read more...

When Gratitude Begins, Stress Always Ends
When I am stressed, this notion seems ridiculous. I can’t stand reading drivel like this when I am upset. I am angered by words like these, where the writer is clearly having a great day, a great life, with much, much more then the rest of us have---so, of course, they are grateful, but more.

'Perfectionism in the Workplace: Stress with a Guarantee'
Perfectionism and work stress always go hand-and-hand.  Learn why people make perfection the standard and how to stop it.

Perfection can be a standard to shoot for, but becomes unhealthy when it is the only standard accepted. Some people take the goal of perfection too far and there is a price to pay. Read More...

"Embarrassment at Work: Stress with an Audience'
If you can truly say that you have never been embarrassed, hurt, criticized, or made a mistake in the workplace, then how can you be a resource to teach or assist others when they experience these situations? Read more...

'Feeling Inferior at Work: Consenting to Be Stressed'
The person who has criticized you matters to you. You respect them or like them or feel they have some kind of influence over your life and their comments are taken seriously. If this were not the case, you would not take the words to heart. Read more...

Your Vibration (Your Energy Level)
Lower energetic vibrational states in your body are responsible for any problems that inhibit your state of perfect health. These vibrations stem from thoughts. By removing these incompatible energies and replacing them with the faster energies that are compatible with the highest states of physical well-being you can remove the symptoms of disease, discomfort, fatigue, stress and the like. Read more...

This Shouldn't Be Happening...Right? Not again! This very thought is actually the reason you are stressed.  Learn a new way to frame obstacles and problems and take control of your response.

Stress Less at Work...Right NOW!  Eat. Go to bed early.  If you have an office door, shut it at least once a day.  If you don't have an office door, get creative...  

What Does "Stress Management" REALLY Mean?
In developing a stress management program we often mean exercise, eating differently, meditating, and getting enough sleep. It may be more useful to ask why these things would have to be “managed” or even mandated by a physician. Why do we have to take a class to do these things? Read more...

Make a Difference and Say Goodbye to Work Stress
People can’t separate the two most important facets of the human existence: work and love. When one is suffering, the other suffers. You’re at work eight hours a day (at a minimum). You are doing it for a paycheck, sure, but that won’t keep you particularly productive or satisfied. What you need to keep you energized, stress-free, motivated, happy and loyal is more than just your paycheck. Read article...

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Who is the Most Stressed Out of All?
There is an old saying that points out, “We dislike most in others, what we dislike most in ourselves.”

With that in mind, to remove excess negativity, resentment, judgment, or tension in a relationship, and, yes, WORK STRESS, try using the Mirror Exercise.

Conflict at Work. Resolving conflict between two coworkers. Read up on this common work stressor and get in control of the situation.

Magnesium is called "the Relaxation Mineral." If you are tense in body or mood, you likely need more magnesium. Read up on how to get it and how to avoid the laxative effect.

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