Work Stress and
Magnesium Deficiency

If you have have the other!

 In his article, The Stress Reliever, Dr. Leo Galland explains...

"It appears that the body's magnesium economy is an integral part of the stress response system.  When stressed for any reason, the body's hormonal response causes an outpouring of magnesium from cells into plasma.  This outpouring is a bit like taking magnesium by injection, except the source is internal.  The effect of the sudden increase in magnesium is both energizing and calming." 

However, this response causes an accelerated depletion of magnesium as it's quickly excreted through your urine during this time. And, the more work stressed you are, the more magnesium you lose...

Even worse, if your magnesium levels are low to begin with, your response to work stress is exaggerated, causing further depletion, and diminishing the calming effect of magnesium.

Work stress-related health conditions have sky rocketed, and modern day life demands optimal magnesium levels to cope in a healthy manner.

Unfortunately, up to 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient!

Back pain and neck pain---any tension or pain in the body is a sure sign of magnesium depletion. I can feel my back SEIZE with pain in that spot right in the middle of my waist whenever I get a snappish email or realize I've forgotten something important at work. Here comes the WORK STRESS and there goes the magnesium...and here comes at least a 24 hour block of intense back agony.

The only problem I encountered with taking magnesium is the laxative effect. (remember Milk of Magnesia???)

I found one product that works that does not create a laxative effect. My back pain and anxiety are so much better after regular supplementation. And when I get a twinge in my lower back, I now view this as I need to put more magnesium in me!

This product also has C, B6, B12 and Folic Acid. I know the Bs are good for energy and hormones and the C is good for immune system, so I'm good with the extra vitamins in the Jigsaw formula.

Here is my favorite caplet form (slow release to ensure no diarrhea effect), plus you can get free shipping if you enter FREESHIP into the shipping code section.

I'm a bit obsessive about free shipping. I insist on getting free shipping whenever possible on the Internet!

Magnesium @ Jigsaw Health

I've tried the sprays and the liquids...they didn't do the job. They were also very SALTY which was kind of weird. I had sea salt all over my skin or I would gag from the amount of salt in the liquid magnesium. And even then, I'd get diarrhea from the liquid formula (and there wasn't enough quantity/mgs in the spray formula to stop my back pain).