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PAYPAL or Your Bank Card

Learn phrases for talking it out with your PITB; figure out strategies for working around your PITB; learn mental steps for making peace with your PITB; ensure self-care (and self-protection) while staying employed in a positive way (despite your PITB).

Ensure that you stay at this job for as long as YOU want to stay in this job---even while working with this Pain In The Butt @ Work.

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Stop sleepless nights and talking to your friends about your PITB...there is a better way. A way where you learn new ways of thinking and behaving so that you are the calm professional who can handle any type of personality.

PAYPAL or Your Bank Card

#7 Direct discussion. Sometimes, the office jerk doesn’t know they are one. This is NOT an invitation for you to show them the light. No one ever, ever, ever had this conversation and it turned out well. Forget about it. Stop fantasizing about it. It’s over.
But if you can figure out a way to ask this person what’s wrong, you may have a shot at expressing your discomfort.

“You seem a little rattled. What’s up?” OR “I’m finding it hard to get what I need from you. What am I missing?” Yeah, I know this sounds like you are taking the blame. Hold that thought.

#8 Take the blame.

It’s a great technique. I mean GREAT. This works at work and at home. Here’s how it sounds:

(Instructor making sure everyone understands the directions): “Where was I unclear on what we are about to do?” vs. “Who doesn’t get it?”

(Coworker trying to get response from email): “I bet my email wasn’t specific. What do you need from me to make sure you respond to a second email?” vs. “I’m tired of having to follow-up with you. What’s your answer?”

So what if you take the hit? You’re the strong one here, right? Strong people can take the hit. Weak people deflect the blame and look like jackasses.

That’s just science. :)

#11 Leading Indicator of Workplace Success. If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t the problem. Self-awareness is the #1 indicator of someone who is emotionally intelligent. And emotional intelligence is the #1 indicator of success in the workplace. Let's look now at how you can increase your emotional intelligence in this situation.

PAYPAL or Your Bank Card

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