The Process for Integrity
How Integrity Comes to Be

Day 27

We know now that we are three days away from being different in our thinking, that we do what is right for us and not force that on another or make someone wrong for not doing it our way. And that is integrity.

How do you know you are acting with integrity?
Is there a process or a checklist for ensuring integrity? Yes.

1. Integrity is doing what you know is right even if it's hard.

2. Integrity is doing what you said you would even if it's boring or becomes boring.

It's very boring for me to create website pages and to create posts on Facebook that very few people comment on. So why do it? Because integrity is acting on your commitments, even when they become boring.

3. Integrity is doing what you said you would even if no one is watching.

It would have been NICE to think people were reading those entries during that 30-day period, but I had very little proof. Expecting a pat on the back to keep you motivated is not what integrity is about though. It's about focusing on what you know and can do and sharing it. Let the receiver take it or leave it. Praise it or hate it. It matters not. You shared it. That's the act of integrity.

4. Integrity is seeing it through even if you feel stupid or uncool.

Apologizing, sticking up for the new guy, not gossiping, studying, taking a cab home when you've had too much to drink...none of this is cool. But it is the right thing to do, because they work. They are the very actions of integrity.

You can trust YOU to do what is right, and it doesn't matter if you get credit. And knowing how hard it is, you don't judge others when they don't follow your example.

You realize it's a process and any action toward integrity is progress. Progress away from a competitive world of who-is-the-most-right in the room and moving instead toward who-do-we-trust.

DAY 26
DAY 28

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