Physical Stress:
Your Body Speaks!

Physical stress is what most people work on when they feel stressed. While this isn't a bad place to begin, you actually have four human needs, and these needs are also your natural "alarm systems." These alarms let you know you are not taking care of yourself. While this is technically stress and can be uncomfortable, it is a pretty good system if you can see it in this way.

For many of you, physical stress may seem like no big deal and part of a "normal" life. Employers, spouses, children and friends get your BEST. These people get the energy you held in reserve for your own self-care. They get their needs met, courtesy of YOU, but there seems to be no one available to do this for you in return.

May I just say...not a great system we've created here. I know, we are just mimicking another (a parent, teacher, well-intentioned friend), but as you can FEEL---it's not working (and P.S. I did the same thing for years, so this isn't judgment toward you---just judgment toward a system that works against our natural state).

I know you know what to do by now, so I won't patronize you with a list of how to burn more calories than you consume. I just think you don't want to do it. But, I will share what I do and will offer that many people in my stress management workshops report my lifestyle is much easier and 'do-able' than they have read about from "experts" and they get better results.

All I know is what works for ME. And that's what I want you to discover too---what works for YOU.

It's not about having willpower or self-discipline. That's just a subtle variation on self-judgment. Finding what is true for you and your body, is the first step to self-care. You can get ideas from others (I've provided some below), but ultimately---it's all you, kid. You have to DECIDE to take care of your body. If you don't have the time? Then you will find you have plenty of time when you become ill. These are honestly the only options. Can't fight reality (at least not for long).

Here's a great video by Eckhart Tolle that teaches you to ground yourself, alleviate tension and stop boredom by focusing on the body.

Now, tell yourself "thank you" for getting this far on the page (very few probably did). Secondly, you simply need to find what works for you in terms of quality fuel (food) and moving your body (exercise). It's no more complicated than that...and in making it more complicated, you are distracting yourself from just DOING IT already. But if you'd still like to do a little research first, here are some links:

Importance of Sleep
Water is Key
Magnesium: The Relaxation Mineral

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