Personality Type

Personalities are the KEY to work stress.  You must learn about personality types to overcome work stress.  Knowing your own is not enough.  Being able to "read"others is a big part of it.  Take a free Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI) at 16 Personalities. com

Our personalities are an important part of who we are. They are quite literally our protection and our main tool for getting around in this world.  They act as our social mask. As a species, we've evolved to a place where being our "real selves" is not always useful for earning a living (i.e., survival).  Learning as much as you can about personality type is a wise investment.  It will inform every area of your life, not just work.

There are many instruments available out there, but none as well known or distributed as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Other instruments include DISC and the Ennegram. I have links to free tests on my "Work-Stress-Tests" page, so if this is a new world for you, I suggest you "click" over there ASAP and start familiarizing yourself with your type and reading about others.

Whether you type as Extrovert or Introvert, it will benefit you to familiarize yourself with both types and really understand the different physical wiring here.  It's not about social skill or shyness at all, for example.  It's about ENERGY.  Extroverts in the extreme can become the office vampire sucking energy from everyone around them in an attempt to keep up their own.  Introverts need quiet and alone time to concentrate and to stay energized. And this can translate as moody or standoffish in the workplace.

I suggest two books.  Quiet and Introvert Power.  And if reading is not your thing, then the website Introvert, Dear is very useful for understanding the much misunderstood component of personality:  Introversion.

Last, but not least, the author of "Quiet" has a very well-received TED Talk and I've provided that video link here:

TED Talk:  Susan Cain, The Power of Introversion

Recently, I had a client request a detailed-report on her MBTI results via email (this is something you can also receive for $15; while the typical licensed practitioner with an office, setting appointments and making a living off of this interpretation would charge you upward of $200).  But I only charge $15, because I want to get your attention.  I want you take this interpretation seriously and not see it as a horoscope review.

This conversation was in email, and we talked for several days.  I'm giving you just a snippet of that conversation to give you an idea of what you could anticipate should you also wish to receive an interpretation of your results based on your unique qualities and your current obstacles.  I have no cap or cut off point.  If you need more information after a few weeks, then we can talk again without an extra charge.

Here's the link to an INFP report and my corresponding feedback.  

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