Low Carb Stress Relief :
Fat is NOT the Enemy

MY GOD... have I read about eating.

If there is a diet, I own the book. I've highlighted said book, and followed it to the letter. Did I lose weight? Yep. Did I keep it off? Nope.

You know all this, folks....if it's not something you can do for the rest of your life, you are going to gain it back and then some.

Eating is FUN. Eating is REALLY FUN. Eating is so fun that we do it when we are bored, lonely, tired, angry, sad...and then we do it when we are happy, hungry, celebrating, or because everyone else is.

I'm not gonna get into food addiction or body image or any of that. My focus is stress. And there is one type of food, that when used the way I listed above (for entertainment), will cause your body to freak out and you will feel like crap and be fat.

Fat is NOT the Problem

You probably thought I was going to go off on your fat intake. Weight Watchers and your physician are all over ya about the fat intake, right? Please. They know that this is old news and that it is WRONG news, and are having a hard time getting off this line of advice since they were preaching it for 20+ years. And we all got a big as cows.

Fat is good. It's CARBS that suck. And I mean suck HARD.

Your body needs fat. If you aren't getting enough fat (and even if you are), you really need to take Omega's or Essential Fatty Acids in addition to the fat you are eating. Notice the word ESSENTIAL in the description here.

What to Eat

Let me put it to you as easily as I can: If you shop the outer perimeter of your grocery store, you're going to be okay. It's the MIDDLE AISLES, with all the processed and refined carbohydrate, that is making your rear end that big (and costing you a fortune and making you tired and making you cranky and....). Insulin is the problem here. And carbohydrate stimulates insulin production. It also creates more hunger once the insulin spike falls (and fatigue and crankiness and...) Well, read the article on insulin and learn more if this is news to you.

What About Trans Fat?

If we hold to the idea that shopping the outer perimeter of the grocery store is the way to go, then you don't have to worry about trans fat, the latest target of current nutritional literature (and rightly so). Trans Fat, or partially hydrogenated oil, is fat that has been altered to prevent it from going rancid. The new molecular structure is closer to plastic than fat, and that outta be enough information to make you say, "Ugh. No thanks."

So to recap: eat fat and protein and veggies and some fruit (avoid fruit juices, however). And stay away from STARCH or CARBS. Save the food pyramid recommendations for the next time you plan to take your cow to auction. Keep any carbohydrate intake to early in the day so you can burn it off. Go VERY HIGH protein with high fiber/low carb veggies at night.

Also, I add a scoop of this to my coffee in the morning (BIG TUMBLER, not a little small cup of coffee) and my evening smoothie. The nutrients here...wow. It's full nutrition. It's meal replacement level nutrition. At first glance, you might say, "$55 bucks!" But this container is MASSIVE, it's like a small car, seriously. It's a lot of physical support for the body. Buy some. Tastes great ('cinnamon vanilla' if I had to state exactly the taste and there is one in chocolate flavor too):

No! I do NOT sell this or make some sort of profit from sharing this. Just buy some ;) Be good to yourself.

See more on physical stress:

Water Intake

Get more of this information and a whole lot of extras as a BONUS ebook when you purchase Dealing with a Pain in the Butt @ Work" for only the cost of processing ($5.99).

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