Lithium Orotate and
Kava Kava
for Stress Relief

(No...Not THAT Lithium!)

First and foremost, I am just an ordinary person sharing what works for me.

Granted, I have had enough success with workplace emotional health that I have built an entire career (and published two books) about this important issue, but I am not a medical professional. So please be clear that I only provide this information to help you eliminate biological issues that may be impeding you from enjoying your work. I also only provide these suggestions after trying them myself with success.

There are two suggestions on this page. The first is the element (or supplement) of lithium. Lithium is no longer found in abundance in our soil due to aggressive farming. We need this for proper brain function, and many behavioral scientists are reporting that our current epidemic use of anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals may be necessary due to the deficiency in this essential element.

Found in many places such as the hot springs of Orvis, Colorado,
lithium baths have long been hailed as healing waters for good reason! Lithium Orotate is now available to all of us in convenient and inexpensive capsule.

I just started taking this myself, for PMS symptoms, and am so excited at the results. Please watch this short video with Dr. John Gray (from "Men Are From Mars" fame) in its entirety for complete information on an overview of what this supplement may do for you.

This is NOT the prescription-level lithium you have heard about for people with bipolar disorder. This is something sold in vitamin shops and grocery stores and is considered to be safe when used as directed. Lithium Orotate is a natural dietary supplement that can be used in small doses to manage stress and treat conditions like migraines, depression, ADHD, PMS and other imbalances.

Of course you should work with your health care provider to make sure this is right for you. I am sharing this as something that has helped me after talking to my own doctor (and I am not a physician). As always, if it helps me, I share it on this site in case it might be right for you too.

From Dr. John Gray's website: Many relationship problems and most addiction problems stem from a deficiency of amino acids and minerals in the body. One of the oldest and most researched treatments for emotional difficulties is the mineral, Lithium. It helps balance the production of two hormones, dopamine and serotonin.

In the 1970s, German doctors discovered that if you bind small quantities of the mineral, Lithium with Orotate Salts, it could effectively deliver the necessary Lithium to the brain. It was also determined that the body only needs 4.5 milligrams of Lithium; not 500 milligrams, as is often prescribed and produces undesirable side effects.

Lithium orotate is a dietary supplement that can be used in small doses to treat conditions like manic depression, alcoholism, ADHD and ADD, depression, aggression, PTSD, Alzheimer's Disease and overall stress management.

Unlike lithium carbonate and lithium citrate, the common prescribed forms of lithium, lithium orotate is better absorbed into the brain, so you can take smaller doses to feel better and have less side effects, if any. Lithium orotate is safer than lithium citrate or lithium carbonate because you can take less of it and still feel the best of lithium.

Animal studies that compared lithium carbonate and lithium orotate found the concentrations of lithium orotate were three times higher in the brain than lithium carbonate. The FDA has approved “Lithium Orotate” for sale in America. “Lithium Orotate” has what is called a "GRAS" status, which means, “generally regarded as safe.” This is the same status that natural food supplements have in the health food stores.

Here is another article I recommend. Very helpful with additional information on this important supplement that we no longer receive in our food/soil.

Article on Lithium Orotate from Tahoma Clinic.

This stuff is VERY inexpensive too. Here's where I get mine:
Global Healing Center Site

Another natural solution to stress is Kava Kava (hailed as a natural remedy to healing the nervous system and brain, though it has had some bad press a few years ago).

When the world heard about this lovely root's power to relax through a non-addictive beverage, there were many who decided to capitalize on the growing interest. My understanding--my research--suggests that some providers of the supplement were not using the root, but adding other parts of the plant to save money and increase profits, and this may have taxed the liver. Others report that if you are alcoholic or have liver disease and then use this, you may be endangering yourself because you do not have the normal capacity to expel waste matter. I invite you to educate yourself and then legally (and wisely) purchase this if you feel it would benefit your stress management program. This root powder can be a natural and enjoyable way to relax the nervous system without creating a secondary health or psychological problem (i.e., alcoholism). I purchased mine on Amazon.Com.

[Notice in this video the mention of Ho'Oponopono. I have provided you with an article here that gives an explanation of this practice. It's a powerful tool for stress management and emotional/psychological well-being. I hope this introduction provides you with the motivation to consider incorporating the Ho'Oponopono practice into your life].

Medical Article on Kava Kava

Article and Website on the History, Cultural and Proper Use of Kava Kava
~What is Kava?
~Kava and Anxiety
~Kava as a Detoxifer

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