How to Relieve Stress Immediately

Am I really about to give you the final answer to "How to Relieve Stress?"

Yep. I don't know how many websites you've visited or books you've read on stress relief. But I do know that everything you've read said something like, "Get plenty of sleep. Eat right. Do yoga." Well, if that worked, you wouldn't be here, reading this article.

Very few people know how to relieve stress. Doctors, therapists, friends...they mean well, but they have no idea, do they? They are only suggesting things that were suggested to them. If you could get more SLEEP, you would. If you could EAT "RIGHT" at all times, you would. If yoga was a 100% cure, we would have heard about it. These suggestions are actually meant to temporarily soothe the SYMPTOMS of stress. Instead I'd like to get to the CAUSE.

Here's the truth. Your stress has nothing to do with:

-your work environment
-your home life
-your ability to create balance
-your workout routine
-what you had for lunch

All stress is just one thing. And one thing only (can I get a drum roll, please?):

You are having the thought THIS SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING. And you are having it over and over again.

And you're wrong, by the way.

This SHOULD be happening, because it IS. When you get your mind around THAT, then we can get started. Sit with this for a minute. Stop reading. Just slow down and think about this. Get control of the swirly, crazy chatter in your mind to calm itself and consider the eternal truth behind, "This SHOULD be happening, because it is."


~Your boss is a jerk? Welcome to the human workplace.

~Your office is too small? Your office isn't getting bigger because you complain about it. It will stay exactly the same size.

~Your kids are driving you crazy? Find me the kids that AREN'T driving their parents crazy, and I will publicly come out as a fraud on Facebook (as a work stress expert).

You have spent a lifetime making situations and people wrong. Or wanting them to be better. Or wanting things to go your way vs. the way they are going. And I have to ask, "How is that working for you?" Yeah. Not like you hoped.

The only way to get rid of stress is to stop stressing yourself out with the thought, "This shouldn't be happening."

Do not get suckered in (again) when your friends, co-workers, parents, teachers or self-help authors tell you that the way to end stress is:

*setting goals (our plans to change reality)
*working harder (our energy output for trying to change reality)
*being positive (faking happiness as we try to change reality)

These haven't worked in ending stress for ANYONE, and it isn't coming in the future.

Now What?

So, did I just tell you to give-up or give-in? It may sound like that. But that's not the case. I'm about to put you into such a groove where your productivity is going to soar and your creativity with it, and your stress is going to be a fraction of what it is now.

What am I selling? Nothing. This is free.
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