Brainwave Synchronization for Instant Meditation

EquiSync® brainwave synchronization technology presents a safe and careful stimulus to the nervous system and brain, enabling a highly beneficial state of deep meditation, forcing that maximum limit higher, making you impenetrable to the stress that had you depressed, anxious, and possibly reaching for your favorite escape mechanism (addiction) just days and weeks earlier.

Transform Your Mind.
During your super pleasurable, highly beneficial meditations with EquiSync, all of the anxiety, anger, sadness, shame, addiction, and depression that you have been building up over your lifetime gets melted away, session by session, layer by layer – even in people who have tried everything else without success.

In addition, your threshold for experiencing these dysfunctional feelings gets pushed higher, making it easier and easier for you to deal with everyday stress.

In fact, once you restore your natural state of balance, you’ll find yourself welcoming adversity and seeing life difficulties as a catalyst to personal & spiritual growth.
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Do you wonder if I get stressed and what I do when that happens?
When asked what I use to deal with my own stress, my #1 answer is:
'binaural beats technology'.

If I could recommend just ONE thing for stress relief, it would be the Equisync technologies. They have changed my life and that makes me want to help you change yours too. Brain wave entrainment through binaural beats eliminates anxiety, depression, stress, sleep issues and even some addictions. How? These sounds boost GABA, DHEA, melatonin and serotonin while they remap your brain to handle more overwhelm. Hard to believe? Well, with a sixty day 110% money back guarantee, Equisync is the only one taking a gamble. I admire their integrity for having such a strong refund policy.
You will start to see results within the first use. You can lie down, fall asleep, work on your computer, watch TV, clean the house...whatever you want... WHILE YOUR BRAIN MEDITATES. Listen to a sample (earphones needed for optimal results):
You, me, EVERYONE knows we should be meditating. But almost no one does. It's hard, it's boring and the progress is super-slow. No wonder most of us give up. With these CDs, the same exact brain waves that happen with disciplined meditation practice take place in your brain.

Link to article
from New York Times on Meditation Benefits.
If you'd like to read more about my own journey into binaural beat entrainment, click here.
Equisync is legitimate and I wish EVERYONE knew about this technology. The world would be a friendlier place.
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I use it daily. I use the CDs before a big meeting, when I get frustrated putting this SITE together :), or when I'm biologically out of whack. It's just pretty music. The beats are embedded and I'm none the wiser! It's really nice feeling "normal." I often felt angry, scattered, and even different from everyone else. Now I know most of us feel like that and hide it from each other. Since beginning this practice, I really AM calmer, focused and feel connected. How do I know these Equisync CDs did this for me? It wasn't subtle. The first day, I am drooling on my keyboard within about 5 minutes! People I haven't seen in years comment on how mellow I've become. I'm pretty sure they meant that as a compliment :) Learn more at Equisync...
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Here are some testimonials from visitors:
Sheryl Smith 1 month ago I've been trying different "videos" for pain and sleep - my two major physical issues. I have been having intense migraine-type headaches for the last week or 10 days and was told yesterday that I could no longer take Excedrin or aspirin as a remedy. I tried acetaminophen alone and it did not provide any relief. This morning I woke with a particularly bad head and body ache. What I imagine a hangover feels like (even when I drank I never had one!) - it was painful to simply be. I set my sleep tracker for the length of this video and woke 1 1/2 hrs PAST that point. I don't remember what woke me, but I felt very groggy and PAIN FREE. It felt like the deepest sleep I've had in years and it is so nice to be free of the head pain (still a little body pain)! JayDox 7 months ago While listening to Binauruls and Isochronics, you can do something else and have the same affects just as long as the tones are playing in your ear. Or you just close your eyes and relax. rusty gray 4 months ago I run binaural at the same time as a psytrance or ambient track of the same length. I work as an intelligence data analyst, and this is what my brain likes.
mgrella63 4 months ago I have been in pain for a month with tennis elbow and its gone!! Are You Kidding me??? Wow Im Impressed OspreyMusicInc 2 months ago It takes on average 6.5 to 7 minutes for the entrainment to start.

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