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"A collection of simple yet powerful ideas to turn every workday into a great workday."

~Jeff Anderson, Vice President of Product Management, Franklin Covey,"Seven Habits..."

I LOVED your ebook about
101 ways to deal with a PITB at work!! I loved your writing style/delivery--it was as if you were talking to me personally--you made it funny and you said the hard stuff and made it easy to hear. We all know it points back to us but it's no fun to play that way! You kept it so simple but the content had depth. Anyway, thank you again Stephanie! You've inspired me!

~Shelley S., Oregon

"I didn't expect you to be funny. You're so funny! That makes it so much easier to take in what you have to say and just RELAX a little."

~Terry B., Raleigh, NC
Workshop Participant

"Ms. Goddard has taken the best lessons of the best self-help experts and combined them into one handy guide. Read just one chapter and you will have a suggestion you can apply today to make your job more enjoyable."

~C. Beaird, Facility Manager, General Services, Wake County, NC

"I want to affirm that I'm really happy with you 110%. You are authentic, the real deal, sincerely devoted to helping your clients and I can just sense that. It's obvious."

~S. Filla, San Jose, CA
Coaching Client

"Stephanie's techniques have been amazing. I rarely get upset or stressed. When I do, I just try one of her tools and watch the moment pass. And it ALWAYS passes!"

~Glenn Akers, Bellingham, WA
Coaching Client

"I love the binaural beats. My life is so different now...well...not my LIFE, but the way I respond to it. Thank you for turning me onto these wonderful tones!"

~Janice Lipton, Crossroad, SC
Binaural Beats Client

"Just downloaded your ebook "101 Ways to Deal with a Pain in the Butt @ Work." Love this topic.....I read the whole thing before I left work yesterday. You have such a great, readable style."

~Caroline H., Raleigh, NC
Downloaded free eBook "101 Ways to Deal with a Pain in the Butt.."

Just to a quick thank you for your wonderful website and resources. I really enjoy your daily messages. So simple - but so insightful.

PS - Thank you so much for the Pain in the Butt e-book. I had an unbelievable P-I-T-B at my workplace and using your tips I managed to defuse a situation that was going to end up with one of us quitting our jobs. (Most likely me!) So many thanks.

You are truly an inspiration.

(An email from Janet I.)