Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Maximum Strength Relief from Work Stress

The work stress solution described on this page does not treat the symptoms of stress. Instead, they work on fortifying your nervous system to increase your tolerance to handle stress.

Binaural and Isochronic Beats Remap Your Brain

My Experience with Binaural Beats
I discovered binaural beats a couple of years ago, and know it's a remarkable solution to the overwhelm and stress that our lives generate. These tones stimulate your brain (in a painless and even pleasant way) so that it can handle more.

I struggled for years with anger, stress, name it. I was GREAT at hiding it, but my mind and body were tired of this pretending by the time I hit my 40s. Read more about my personal journey and how these beats literally changed my life in my article, Willpower Sucks.

I started listening to a CD embedded with these tones, each and every night. At first, I was MORE irritated and angry, but I'd been told that this part was normal and to be expected. I likened it to bringing the decay up and out from a tooth so that it can finally be healed/filled in. We suppress our stressful reactions and resist the stimulation stress creates, because we can't handle it. These tones bring them forward to start integrating them as your system gets stronger.

Listen (headphones needed for best results):

Soon, I started noticing that those things that usually bothered me no longer did. Even little things like grocery store lines or someone tapping a pencil incessantly during a meeting, didn't get my attention. I noticed OTHER PEOPLE getting irritated, and that was how I started to realize that I was different in a very fundamental way.

While you can find many free options (some even on this page), I went another route initially. I did a complete series; an entire assisted program, and now use the freebies as sort of a "booster shot" to my initial exposure. I first bought Holosync.

Holosync from Centerpointe has amazing customer support and provided tons of freebies that I listened to in my car. They also sent regularly packets of information telling me what I could be experiencing or expecting in the near future (in terms of progress) and how to speak to someone if I needed assistance. I called and emailed in that time, and received one-on-one support at no extra cost.

You can ask for a free demo CD and they mail it very quickly with additional information on how it works and why it works.

Other Binaural Beat Options
A less-expensive option is Equisync and their product is also awesome with progressing levels to keep moving up your tolerance for stress.

If you want to try some free options, just to see if it's something you will like and respond to....and you can stay tied to your computer for about 20 minute, here's one I recommend and there are more lower down the page:

Binaural or isochronic tones (free).

The technology doesn't manage symptoms, it ENDS stress by incorporating brain wave technology into a music CD format to strengthen your ability to handle overwhelm.

Overwhelm is probably best described as 'the straw that broke the camel's back. Binaural beats train your brain so what used to make you feel stress becomes easier to tolerate and handle.

Search for more FREE OPTIONS on binaural beats or isochronic tones or use these videos below (use earbuds for maximum effect!):

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How This Works/What to Expect

Binaural beats dramatically reduces stress by healing unresolved emotional blocks, stagnant neuropathways, and damage done by environmental factors, medications, drug use and other factors. The technology used dramatically shifts one’s relationship to fear, anger, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other types of emotional suffering.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these beats are not benign or soothing to the brain, you WILL experience a period of MORE stress and stronger emotions while the process begins its remapping. Expect to be MORE moody for the first 30 days. See this as a sign that the process has begun.

But, putting aside the initial increase of stress, If you've been searching for a powerful personal growth and mind development solution that really just found it. You will dramatically accelerate your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

"I've been using Holosync technology for years now and my meditations have gotten much deeper, I travel with the CD's, I listen to them on a daily basis. And as a result I have more freedom of expression, a greater sense of relaxation and being stress free, and a greater sense of personal power..."

Jack Canfield, author "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
"The Power of Focus"

Binaural beats push the nervous system to a more balanced state in which the two sides of the brain communicate more, creating whole brain functioning. Whole brain functioning, then, leads to...
* Greater mental abilities...
* The falling away of dysfunctional feelings and behaviors...
* Greater self-awareness...
* Enhanced creativity...
* A higher threshold for stress...
* Greater well-being...
* A greater feeling of spiritual connectedness...
* And many other benefits.

I am so grateful that I took a leap and starting using the beats. It's the "instant gratification" of meditation without 15 years of naval gazing (which I'm not up to, believe me!) FINALLY, I am seeing progress and results that I've been working on for years.

I Wish EVERYONE Knew About This Program

...and that's why I've just dedicated an entire page on this site to this technology.

Here are comments from one of the videos:

Sheryl Smith 1 month ago
I've been trying different "videos" for pain and sleep - my two major physical issues. I have been having intense migraine-type headaches for the last week or 10 days and was told yesterday that I could no longer take Excedrin or aspirin as a remedy. I tried acetaminophen alone and it did not provide any relief. This morning I woke with a particularly bad head and body ache. What I imagine a hangover feels like (even when I drank I never had one!) - it was painful to simply be. I set my sleep tracker for the length of this video and woke 1 1/2 hrs PAST that point. I don't remember what woke me, but I felt very groggy and PAIN FREE. It felt like the deepest sleep I've had in years and it is so nice to be free of the head pain (still a little body pain)!

JayDox 7 months ago

While listening to Binauruls and Isochronics, can you do something else and have the same affects just as long as the tones are playing in your ear? Or should you just close your eyes and relax?

Zen Melodies 6 months ago

As long as you aren't driving or performing surgery you should be fine.

rusty gray 4 months ago

I run binaural at the same time as a psytrance or ambient track of the same length. I work as an intelligence data analyst, and this is what my brain likes.

mgrella63 4 months ago

I have been in pain for a month with tennis elbow and its gone in 6 min!! Are You Kidding me??? Wow Im Impressed

OspreyMusicInc 2 months ago

+mgrella63 glad to hear! It takes on average 6.5 to 7 minutes for the entrainment to start.

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