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Hi. I'm Stephanie Goddard, the creator of this site. When asked what my purpose in life is I like to answer, "My life work is to make your life work." This website is my best effort in making that statement come true. And I'm proud to report that this site has recently been ranked the #1 place people go to learn how to handle their work stress.

I've been in love from the start with workplace communications (or how to enjoy your work while working with people that were different from each other). I just couldn't imagine NOT liking what I was doing eight hours a day, five days a week. I was determined to find out how to get a job I would love and like the people I worked with too; and in so doing, I eventually started to teach others how to do the same thing; first casually, and then through professional certifications and licensing.

I've been a Human Resources professional (SHRM-SPHR certified) for over 25 years and have been running workshops on self-improvement and leadership development since 1993. I have three published books on these subjects as well. Here's what my best-selling book jacket had to say about my background:

From the book jacket of '101 Ways to Love Your Job':
"Stephanie Goddard is considered a subject matter expert in workplace communications and specializes in leadership and interpersonal skills training. Her clients include many Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profit and public sector employers.

Frequently appearing as a guest on radio programs and published in numerous articles on workplace communications, Stephanie is the author of '101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work' which is an Amazon 'business-bestseller'; a SHRM bestseller; and has been translated into 15 languages and is now in its third edition.

She is also a nationally-certified trainer in:
-The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People®
-FranklinCovey’s Project Management®
-The Skilled Facilitator®
-Covey’s “First Things First” Time Management®
-FIRO® Element B® ABLE® Communication Preference Wheel®
-Dynamic Dimensions International (DDI) modules
-Master* certification in Achieve Global’s® leadership programs
*certified to certify other instructors
-Ridge’s "People Skills"®
-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner: MBTI®
-Crucial Conversations® Licensed Facilitator
-EQi certified

Stephanie lives in Research Triangle Park, NC where she creates and conducts programs and workshops as well as individually counsels employees as a certified life coach. This content is intended to lower turnover by engaging employees while urging them to take personal responsibility for their career enrichment.

Stephanie recently won the NaCo Award (National Association of Counties) for the best leadership training program in the nation, created for her local community government employees in Wake County, NC.

By providing coaching to those employees/clients such as first responders, including EMS personnel, social workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, engineers, judges, librarians and city planners and councilmen, her aim has been to make the RTP area a more emotionally-intelligent community for all employers.

Stephanie is also an instructor with the "American Management Association" where she was voted "Top Five Favorite Facilitators" for their Atlanta location and has trained SWAT personnel on handling hostage negotiations while working with the Town of Cary, NC Police Department."

Most recently, I've decided to work for a company that is focused on replacing our country's dependence on fossil fuel (a topic of great importance to me) via solar power and my hope is to inspire and engage this workforce (Strata Solar LLC) to ensure the mission of creating clean and inexpensive energy options for generations to come.

My last two books are also on Amazon ("101 Ways to Love Your Job" and "Whatever You Are Be a Good One: A Guide to Effectiveness in the Workplace"). You can also find all three books (and discuss volume discounts) through my publisher, Sourcebooks Publishing.

So take a look around, subscribe to the site for regular updates (found under the tool bar) and feel free to comment on any page. This site was literally built for you and I hope it makes a difference in your workplace satisfaction. There are articles, videos, quotes, worksheets and more to help you shift your thinking from stressed to clear-minded.

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