50 Ways to Stop Stress

Here are my top 50 Ways to Stop Stress:

1. Start listening to binaural or isochronic tones as often as possible, whenever possible. These don't require "quiet time" to have effect. Some are even free.

2. Create a habit to start your day on a positive note like checking out a Daily Message on this site or another.

3. If you have some e-books or links to articles that have helped you, RE-read them once in a while. You'll be surprised what you forgot or missed the first time.

4. Repeat through the day "Let Go" over and over while imagining that you are no longer holding onto dear life for control and outcomes in your day.

5. Learn Byron Katie's "The Work" and USE IT faithfully.

6. If everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone, what is keeping you from managing your stress?

7. Exercise. Shut up! All you have to say is "I'm JUST going to exercise now..." Throw in the JUST and it's a cake walk.

8. Review the Johari Window again which shows us four parts of the Self and why we may act against our stated values (and create stress in our lives).

9. Break your habit (everyone has this one) of having to be right.

10. If you're not drinking water, you're stressed. Get some NOW.

11. Listen to ANY of the items on this page. Just stop what you are doing and pick ONE.

12. PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE that you will go to bed one night this week at 9:30pm. Lights out. Sleep is KEY, people!

13. Stop being that COOL DUDE who won't try something because it seems silly. Try EFT. It's free and no one has to see you do it.

14. Take a troubling situation (past or present) and put it through the Option's Method.

15. Almost ALWAYS our stress is conflict with someone. Check out this page if you aren't the central party in the conflict.

16. Lessen your "Disease to Please" tendency. We learned this in school, and our parents definitely reinforced it. It simply doesn't work and you will never get it done.

17. Purchase a GOOD stress management workbook and ACTUALLY COMPLETE IT this time.

18. Stay out of people's teacups.

19. Send this video link to someone who won't stay out of YOUR teacup.

20. Read this article and then send to a friend and say, "Let's hold each other to this..."

21. Get some friends (that are coworkers).

22. Listen to music (ear buds recommended). Pandora is AWESOME. Another free option is going to YouTube and picking out a favorite singer. Music isn't benign. Pick something upbeat and fun. No Nirvana or Alanis. You know what I'm sayin'.

23. Determine your top 5-7 roles/relationships and say YES to those AND (this is a biggie) not feel guilty saying NO to anyone NOT on that list. Here's an example.

24. Always pretend your head is on the chopping block when stressed. Pretend/imagine you are on the lay-off list. It's not as negative as it sounds. Your perspective will be remarkably improved. Your attitude will be grateful.

25. The only stress in our communication is your/my TONE. Watch that tone of voice and limit conflict (and therefore, stress).

26. There is no stress in just listening. To listen with the intent of RESPONDING is a very different goal, however.

27. Another reason we may be poor listeners is that we screen out the speaker's words until we hear something we can relate to. Read more about something called "Autobiographical Listening".

28. Get honest about honesty. If you use it constantly, you are burning bridges and breaking trust. If you ONLY use it when you feel safe, you aren't building your own self-trust. Either scenario creates stress.

29. Try using two phrases so often that they become habits. One is adding "Just" as referenced in #7. "I will JUST go for a walk." or "I will JUST finish this paper."

30. The other phrase is GET TO. I GET TO go for a walk...I GET TO finish this paper. Language makes or breaks stress.

31. Feel the feeling. Don't EXPRESS it...just FEEL it. It won't kill you. And the only way to let a feeling PASS is to FEEL it already.

32. Write a rage letter. If you are perpetually and chronically angry with someone, write them the meanest, nastiest letter on Earth. Then destroy it (eat it if you have to).

33. Write down 108 reasons you like you.

34. Write down 108 reasons you like your job.

35. Why 108? It's a mystical number and has some psychological implications. How about just TRUSTING and TRYING things that are suggested instead of having to always know WHY? Skepticism is stressful.

36. Sing. Singing has MAJOR cerebral and physical benefits. Chakras are aligned, breathing is fully-expressed, it's fun. Find a way to SING (I do this on the car ride home).

37. Determine what trust is (and what it isn't). Work to build trust and repair trust where it is broken.

38. You always have two choices: to trust NO ONE and be occasionally right OR to trust EVERYONE and be occasionally wrong. You know which one causes the most stress. Choose accordingly.

39. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly: WORK STRESS QUOTES

40. Stop once in a while and send a ZING to your feet and hands. Sit still. Take a breath. With the exhale, imagine sending energy mentally to your fingers and toes. It puts you back in the present/the moment (plus it tickles).

41. Know thyself. Take free tests. Here are several. STRESS TESTS. Share them with others (or ask them to take them as YOU and see what their scores reveal!).

42. Make stressful thoughts into their opposite. This ALWAYS works. If the thought creates stress, you got it backwards. Ex: MY BOSS HATES ME. The opposite? HE DOESN'T HATE ME or I HATE MY BOSS. Which is more true now? Uh huh. Thought so.

43. Take frequent breaks. You CAN DO IT. Don't give me that crap. You can check Facebook, Twitter or text your girlfriend. You can get up and walk around the block. You can go buy a pack of gum and the world isn't going to come crashing down.

44. If you are continuing to work straight through your to-do list, always, with the thought, "When I'm done with THIS, I will be able to relax and do what I want.." See that this isn't working for you. It doesn't work for ANYONE.

45. Halfway through creating this page, I accidentally hit "Post to Blog..." and it wasn't ready! I went back and put a little something up top that said it was partially done, go ahead without me, etc. (for all I know, you are reading this and it's still the case). People make mistakes. It happens. You don't get to be the only one that isn't allowed to screw up.

46. Every time you go to the bathroom, be in the now. Don't know how? Here's a quick article.

47. Have a bookmark file called something like "Happy Videos" or "Get Calm Now." Bookmark anything you come across on the 'net that makes you smile or calms you down. Visit it when you are in a funk.

48. Resistance is our only problem. Let me guess: You are resisting this comment about resistance, right? Do you see? We all walk around braced for deception and upset. RELAX (dammit). It's all going just fine without your hyper-vigilance. As you read this, just notice that everything is fine. Sure, you have a problem or two that you'd PREFER were handled. But it's not time for them to be handled yet. How do I know? Because they aren't. That's what not resisting is like. You just STOP.

49. Adjust your sights. I originally tagged this page as 101 ways...and intended to create 101 suggestions. I couldn't do it. So, I changed it to 50. Will I mess some people up because I changed the link? Probably. Will some people think I'm a flake? Maybe. But sometimes we just gotta take it down a notch. Make peace with what we can do.

50. Use your senses to bring you down to a non-stressed state. Start with any one of them. What do you see? What do you hear? Taste in your mouth? Smell? Feel the chair under your butt? Rotate through your senses until you are calm and grounded.

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