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All Work Stress Begins With One Thought

And that thought is ALWAYS:
"This shouldn't be happening"

And while you will find plenty of people to agree with you, this does nothing to ease your work stress.

Does that pretty much sum up what's been going on with YOU today?

This site's ENTIRE PURPOSE is to change the thought "this shouldn't be happening" by providing the work stress solutions needed to stop mental resistance---and the emotional and physical discomfort that arises.

On this site, I have provided every tool, worksheet, quiz and technique used with success in my programs for the last 20 years. These work stress solutions are NOT a way to bypass your stress (soothe the symptom,) but tried and true remedies to address the CAUSE of your work stress.

Most of these tools focus on how to remove the cause of stress, either by facing your unexamined thinking or dealing with difficult coworkers.

Go to Work Stress Tools Now...

There are over 200 pages on this site---and I add more pages as I keep learning and growing---so I feel confident you will find what you need. Make sure to catch those pages focusing on stress quotes, work stress worksheets, and psychological stress assessments, at the very least. And if you're feeling adventurous, try shadow work or EFT!

Feedback from a frequent visitor said:

"If you have the guts to 'grow up' and stop making your stress everyone else's fault, you will find this website to be invaluable to the process."


Work Stress Quotes - The Web's Best Collection of Work Stress Quotes
Work Stress Quotes: These work stress quotes will give you the calm you need to head back to work with a smile.
Emotional Intelligence : Top Coworkers Have Higher EQ
This page has lots of resources for upping your EQ. EQ is FIVE TIMES a better indicator of workplace success than IQ.
Work Stress Worksheets - #1 Source for Worksheets, Assessments and Tests.
Work stress worksheets, tests, assessments and more to help you change the problem, by changing your thinking.
Work Stress Articles, Quotes and More.
The Web's #1 Source for Work Stress Articles, Quotes, Blog Entries and More by Workplace Communications and Stress Management Expert, Stephanie Goddard.
Free Emotional Intelligence Testing, Personality Testing and More!
The Latest Advancements and the Classics: Emotional Intelligence Testing and Personality Type Tools for Understanding How You Respond to Work Stress
Difficult Co-Workers. CoWorker Stress.
Difficult Co-Workers. Body Language, Tone of Voice, Listening Skills, Work Attitude and More for Handling Difficult Co-Workers
Free ebook: Difficult Coworker? Deal with your pain in the butt now.
My last two right now with PDF
Four Human Needs : Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
The Four Human Needs. Daily Attention to the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Can Happen at Work.
Breath Work: Includes Alternate Nostril Breathing, Breath of Fire and More.
Breath work specifically designed to lessen stress, negative thinking, moodiness, insomnia.
The Work of Byron Katie. A revolutionary process for ending stress.
A page dedicated to The Work of Byron Katie. A revolutionary process for letting go of stressful thinking.
The Morning Pages. Morning Pages The bedrock tool of a creative recovery.
Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning.
Emotional Freedom Technique or Thought Field Training
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) : A Process for Relieving Stress Defined as Psychological Acupuncture.
Binaural Beats to 'Remap' Your Brain.
Binaural Beats: If You're Serious About Eliminating ---Not Just Relieving---Work Stress Then You Must REMAP Your Brain.
Magnesium Deficiency and Work Stress
Magnesium deficiency and work stress go hand and hand. There are many symptoms of this deficiency and most doctors are not testing for it.
Shadow Work. Integrating Rejected Aspects of Ourselves.
Shadow work or shadow aspect is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts.
Raise Your Vibration Intentionally Through Your Thoughts
We Are Vibrating Energy. If You Feel Stress, Your Vibration is Low.
Stephanie's Work Stress BLOG
Get your regular updated state-of-the-art work stress relief here.
NEW BLOG POST ALERT ! My Blogspot: 101 Ways to Love Your Job
NEW BLOG POST ALERT ! I have an active blog too where I post information I'm "test driving" for this site. Take a look...
Listen at Work: Work Stress Solutions Webcasts and Audio Options.
Listen AT WORK to lower stress. Videos and webcasts that will change your mind...which is where all stress begins and ends.
Work Stress Videos. Watch these AMAZING work-stress videos...
These work stress videos are sure to shift your paradigm...for good. Truly thought-provoking and I guarantee you'll lower your stress RIGHT NOW.
About Stephanie Goddard: Work Stress Solutions Creator
About author and coach, Stephanie Goddard, and her website 'Work Stress Solutions'
Contact Me
Contact Information for Stephanie Goddard, author and website owner
Work Stress Solutions Sitemap. The Web's #1 Site for Work Stress
Work Stress Website Sitemap. Use this sitemap to help you find pages you're looking for and discover new pages you may not have noticed.


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