Work Stress Comes From
Repeatedly Making the Easy Choice

The hardest part of our job is not the content, it's the people. Everyone's job requires only two things: to manage results while maintaining the relationships. The latter is what this site is all about.

Your actual "job" throughout your career is to stop making the easy choice. Employees don't leave jobs, they leave bosses (or other coworkers). When we have conflict with our coworkers, we do one of two easy things: we either blow up or we avoid confrontation completely.

These are easy---some might say lazy---choices (though we tell ourselves it's actually strength we are showing).

You can choose the higher and, yes, harder option. Those options are what this site is all about.

These skills are ironically called "soft skills," by some. But anyone who has attempted to learn them and master them knows: they are the hardest skills of all.

But mastering these skills during your career is well worth it. Work stress becomes a thing of the past.


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One-on-One Services to Eliminate Work Stress or Find A Better Fit for You
Stephanie offers services on a sliding scale to help with your individual stress issues or to assist you in finding more appropriate employment.
Train Your Teams or Purchase Training Modules for Your Busy Training Staff.
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Career Coaching. Work one-on-one with Stephanie on job stress or career advancement.
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